Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heckel Contra Bassoon and Bassoon for Sale

This Contra Bassoon and Bassoon were owned by Leland Smith, a composition professor at Stanford that played bassoon. He bought the bassoons in the late 1940’s while in Paris after WWII. Leland also played with the Chicago Symphony, SF Symphony and SF Opera as a sub many years ago. He passed last February and will be missed by all that knew him. The contra is serial number 407 (late 1920’s) Model  43f , A-Bow removable with extra C- Head with 2 Heckel  prewar bocals and a wooden case. The case has the original shipping labels from the White Star Line Queen Mary! The wood is in excellent condition with original finish..

Heckel Bassoon Model 41i, serial number 9321 (1940’s) with 2 Heckel Bocals and Case was also brought from Europe by Leland in the 1940’s and is in excellent condition, of course it would need pad and joint work to seal it  and it does not have a high D key or E key. The whisper lock is in the right hand thumb position. Contact info: Stefanie Feldman
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