Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Chamber Music Study

There is an opportunity for a few students of 15-25 age group to study the Chamber Music Repertoire (mostly WW quintets) in Southern California for two weeks from July 20 to August 2. They have never been short of bassoons before but seem to be this year. This shortage may result in half to full scholarships if you apply. You would be responsible for getting yourself out there.

Audition requirements for Bassoon:
(you may send CD/DVD/or MP3)
Mozart Bassoon Concerto K.191
Mvt. 1: mm35-71
Mvt. 2: mm7-30
Hindewith WW Quintet (Kleine Kammermusik)
Mvt.1 Letter D to 4 meas. after D
and letter F to 4 bars after F

Feel free to contact Ken Munday (the bassoon instructor) 818-970-6079 or e-mail, Steve Fraider in the 'office' to ask
questions(213-622-0355 or e-mail:

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